A Swiss knife to catalog and view files.
Katalogos is a software for the Macintosh to easily catalog and view pictures.
It works on the various MacOS from version 7.5 to MacOS X (Carbon).

To be true, the English version was never used before, because Katalogos was released only to a few French speaking people.
For this reason, no English documentation was written (but the help balloons are there).
I made some language tests, of course, but how can't I understand what I've written! I just hope that no French sentences still exist in this version and  that English speaking people find my English language a little understandable.
For the moment, just take it as is, and maybe in the future... or, if you think you can do/help about this (and want it) mail me.

Sure Katalogos is bugged (not only the language). You can also mail if you think you encounter such a situation.
Some bugs will be solved, some will be overriden, some will stay.

What is Katalogos best at
When Katalogos is not fit
  • Sort pictures from a CD-ROM, Internet, digital camera etc...
  • To make prints of pictures from a small digital camera (1-2MPix) at a "family quality".
  • To make a simple contact-sheet.
  • To generate a web galery in HTML.
  • To manage collections.
  • When you have an old computer (don't hope for miracles, though).
There are some other good sides to katalogos, but I think it's better to need it for one of the above reasons to appreciate them.
  • When you have hundreds of pictures to catalog.
  • When you want to manage a pictures database.
  • When you want to associate keywords/datas to pictures.
  • When you want to control the set-ups: Katalogos has a lot of built-in set-up (to have a minimum set-up interface).
  • When your pictures size is more than 4000x3000 (I say 3000x2000 is maximum)
  • When what you really need is Photoshop.
  • Katalogos (c)(r) 1996-2003 J-F Rutschmann
    This site (c)(r) 2002-2003 J-F Rutschmann

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